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Ahli Capital Partners with Training Gate International to Raise Disability Awareness

p style="text-align:right;">January 14th 2018

In line with Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK)’s strategy to support and engage the special needs community, Ahli Capital Investment Company (ACIC) partnered with Training Gate International (TGI) earlier this month to raise disability awareness. In addition, ACIC purchased 18 paintings done by special needs students to help them reach their potential, which was permanently displayed at ACIC’s Head Quarters.

The students were invited to enjoy a morning at ACIC, where the artists were thanked for their hard work and presented with a certificate of appreciation at the event, which was attended by Mr. Michel Accad, ABK CEO & Deputy Chairman of Ahli Capital Investment Company, Mr Muhsen Harbi ( CEO – ACIC) and Mrs. Kefaya Al Alban, Head of Training Gate International alongside a number of ACIC staff.

Mr. Muhsen Al Harbi, CEO of Ahli Capital Investment Company said: “It is important to go beyond verbally encouraging people with disabilities and in fact, encourage them to have similar roles in the society as their peers who do not have a disability. The art display is one way for us to embrace people in our community. We have a display of beautiful art done by some very talented artists. We are extremely proud to be able to display their work at ACIC.”

For more information about Ahli Capital Investment Company, please visit or contact the Company at 1832832.

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