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Yearly Awareness Plan

Yearly Awareness Plan
  • The customer must ensure that all installments are paid on the scheduled date, to avoid being charged late fees.
  • A consumer loan is a medium-term personal loan with a duration not exceeding five years. This type of loan finances consumer needs and does not require the customer to provide any invoices. Financing is 25 times the net monthly salary, with a maximum of 25,000 KWD.
  • A housing loan is a long-term personal loan with a duration of not exceeding fifteen years. This type of loan finances buying, building or repairing a private residence and the customer is required to provide the bank with the necessary invoices that prove the use of the amount for the purpose mentioned in the loan contract. Financing to one customer is a maximum of 70,000 KWD
  • Please note that housing loan interest rates are reviewed every five years of the loan term. In the event of an interest rate adjustment by the Bank, , provided that the amount of the adjustment does not exceed the rate of 2% either in increase or decrease of the previously agreed interest rate.
  • The customer has the right to obtain the services and products provided by the bank – within the regulations of each service or product - without the customer being obliged  to obtain another purchase another service or product as a condition for obtaining the requested service or product.
  • Please be advised that in the event that there is no transaction on the customer’s account by the customer for 12 consecutive months, the account will become dormant and any interest is suspended. Commissions are calculated on the dormant account according to the list of approved fees and commissions.
  • Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait provides its customers with a copy of the list of approved fees and commissions in all branches and departments that have direct dealings with customers and the bank's official website
  • To increase banking and financial awareness, caution should be taken against dealing with crypto currencies, as these currencies do not fall under the Kuwaiti laws and regulations necessary to regulate their circulation legally
  • Due to the fact that crypto currencies are not subject to any regulations, there is no support for them in case of loss of funds by any customer, as such this poses a risk for fraud or hacking. Therefore, trading in Virtual Currencies is not recommended.
  • The customer must ensure that the required funds are available in their account prior to  issuing cheques to the beneficiaries. If a customer issues three cheques without balance, the customer will be added to the list of clients whose accounts are closed due to the check return.
  • The bank notifies customers when an update of Civil ID data is required. In the event that data is not updated by the customer, the bank will update the customer’s Civil ID data in cooperation with the Civil Information Authority in exchange for a fee of KD 1 to be charged to the customer’s account
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