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The Board has the overall responsibility of the Bank including:

  • Strategy - Approval, oversight and implementation of the Bank’s strategic direction & objectives
  • Shareholder value – Creating and delivering sustainable shareholder value through effective management of the Bank’s business. The Board will ensure the management strike a balance between promoting long term growth and delivering short term objectives
  • Risk Appetite – Approval and oversight of the Bank risk appetite and risk strategy
  • Corporate Governance – Ensuring sound standards of Corporate Governance in terms of Board practices, Senior Management functioning, risk management and internal controls, compensation, organization structure, and disclosure & transparency
  • Ethical leadership – Promote a collective vision of the Bank’s purpose, values and culture

The Chairman of the Board

The Chairman is pivotal in creating the conditions for overall effectiveness of the Board and individual directors, both inside and outside the Board Room. It is the policy of ABK that the roles of the Chairman and CEO should be separated and held by different individuals. The Chairman is primarily responsible for leading and managing the Board to ensure it operates effectively and fully discharges its legal and regulatory responsibilities.