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Board Audit Committee

  • Internal Audit - Exercise oversight over the Internal Audit function, maintain independence of resources and provide recommendations on the remuneration of the Chief Internal Auditor based on performance
  • External Audit - Appoint and oversee External Auditors, assess effectiveness of process and ensure audit is applied as per CBK requirements
  • Internal Control - Oversee the Bank’s internal control framework including financial reporting and risk management
  • Financial Reporting - Review of the financial statements and assessment of the adequacy of provisions taken by the Bank

Board Credit & Investment Committee

  • Lending Activities - Reviewing & Approving Credit & Investment proposals, where limits exceeds management committee’s approval authorities
  • Management of Exposures - Management of the Bank’s Credit & Investment exposures on an enterprise-wide basis by devising strategy and responses for improving asset quality; and
  • Oversight – Oversight of the Management’s administration and implementation of the bank’s credit and investment policies

Board Corporate Governance Committee

  • Corporate Governance – Oversight of implementation and on-going assessment of the Corporate Governance practices and framework
  • Disclosure – Review of the annual disclosure of the Bank’s Corporate Governance practices
  • Compliance – Oversight of compliance by the Board Committees with the Bank Corporate Governance Policy and mandates
  • Conflict of Interest – Monitoring and reporting of Conflict of Interest and Related Party Transactions

Board Nomination & Remuneration Committee

  • Nomination – Identify and recommend nominations for Board membership
  • Assessment – Conduct annual review of Board structure as well as overall and individual performance, including Board self assessment and review of skills required for Board membership
  • Remuneration – Review of the Bank Remuneration Policy and practices and recommending remuneration packages for key executives like CEO

Board Risk Committee

  • Risk Appetite – Review of the Bank’s risk profile, risk strategy, risk control framework and the risk appetite including limits
  • Risk Management – Assess the integrity and adequacy of the Risk Management Function as well as the appointment, evaluation and oversight of the Chief Risk Officer
  • Capital Adequacy – Oversight on the level and quality of the Bank Capital and Liquidity, as well as the ICAAP and Stress Testing process and findings
  • Business Continuity – Oversight of Disaster Recovery and the Business Continuity Plan
  • Compliance – Oversight of the Bank’s compliance risk and the disclosures in the Bank’s Annual Report