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ABK emphasizes the importance of ‘Customer Protection’

4 January 2021

ABK emphasizes the importance of ‘Customer Protection’

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) has recently announced the completion of its training courses to increase the awareness of the Bank’s ‘Customer Protection Manual’. The courses included the concept of transparency and disclosure of the financial and banking transactions carried out by the bank for various customers of all sectors, pursuant to the instructions issued by the Central Bank of Kuwait in this regard.

The “Customer Protection Manual” includes an important set of guidelines and controls that create an environment suitable for the preservation of the customers’ rights within the framework of a balanced relationship that maintains protection for the banking sector. ABK has further developed and updated new policies, procedures, internal controls and principles that comply with the requirements of the Manual, and employees have been fully trained.

The lectures, courses and workshops organized by the bank create the proper cultural and professional environment to enhance the protection of the customers’ rights, which is in compliance with the instructions and controls issued by Central Bank of Kuwait and is also one of ABK’s core values based on Transparency & Integrity.