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'ABK Advantage' gets exclusive services for its customers from Royale Hayat Hospital

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait is proud to have Royale Hayat Hospital on board as a new participant in ‘ABK Advantage’, a discount program that allows ABK customers to benefit from exclusive offers at participating retail outlets.

Royale Hayat Hospital is offering ABK customers discounts up to 15 per cent for several medical services and departments that include: Obstetrics, Gynecology, Endoscopy, Laboratory, Obesity Clinic, General Surgery, Family Clinic, Department of Pediatrics, CosmeSurge treatment sessions (excluding cosmetic surgery), Dentistry and Child Dentistry.

Mr. Stewart Lockie, GM Retail Banking said, “Through our offers we try to cater to our customers’ varying lifestyles. We are delighted to have Royale Hayat Hospital as part of ABK Advantage, as good health care is valuable to everyone.”

Mr. Lockie elaborated that “ABK Advantage” offers ABK customers exclusive discounts reaching up to 45 per cent, from the chain of participating restaurants, hotels and shopping areas, and referred to the fact that “ABK seeks to offer the best to its customers using ABK cards.”

For more information please log on to www.eahli.com, chat with an ABK representative on ‘Ahli Chat’, or call one of our customer service agents on ‘Ahlan Ahli’ at 1899899.