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Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait Wins the CSR Excellence Award at the Arab World Level

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait, steadfast in its commitment of giving back to society, spearheaded its corporate social responsibility campaign at the beginning of 2012 with a catchy slogan "Our Society…Our Responsibility". As authentication of its outstanding achievements this year in contributing to the welfare of society, the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility has awarded ABK with an Excellence Award, identifying it as the most active bank in the field of social responsibility in the State of Kuwait.

The award ceremony that was held in Dubai on the 15th of December was attended by an Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait delegation, presided by Ms. Fajer Al Mutairi, the Executive Manager, Marketing and Public Relations, along with Ms. Sahar Al Therban, Manager, Public Relations, Mr. Ali Al Baghli, Assistant Manager, Public Relations and Mr. Faisal Al Surraye; in addition to a large number of public figures from the Arab World, Chamber of Commerce and Trade officials, corporate heads , and heads of civil society organizations.

Mr. Pierre Moukarzel, the President of the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility presented the Award to Ms. Sahar Al Therban and Mr. Ali Al Baghli, following a video presentation that highlighted the Bank’s CSR achievements in Kuwait during 2012.

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait won the Award after a thorough study of the Bank’s nomination file that included a comprehensive review and follow up of ABK’s role and prominent milestones achieved in social responsibility during recent years.

Ms. Al Therban expressed her satisfaction on this token of recognition, and hoped that the Bank’s success at creating awareness of issues related to environment and society in Kuwait would incentivize others to follow suit. “Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait believes in contributing towards a better society at different levels, by taking onus of the responsibility, therefore the slogan “Our Society…Our Responsibility.” The idea emerged from a desire to shed light on the Bank’s patronage of wonderful causes during previous years, whether related to education, youth, health or environment; and to highlight a planned schedule of the same in future.”

The Award aims to encourage both public and private sectors to play important roles with regard to corporate accountability. It does so by highlighting the value that can be created through their contribution to social development and environment protection, and stresses this concept so that it becomes a significant part of our culture.

Ms. Al Therban confirmed that Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait will continue to strengthen its involvement and support to society under the banner of “Our Society… Our Responsibility”, with strategic focus on social, health, education and sports causes. These would be achieved through hosting and organizing various activities, courses and seminars, as they form an integral part of the Bank’s CSR.

This Award is for organizations that excel in supporting society by developing special programs that serve the objectives of the community, as well as promote the concept of corporate social responsibility.

During this year, Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait aimed at fulfilling its social responsibility to its staff by organizing various sports, health awareness and entertainment programs for them. At another level, the Bank supported CSR events organized by private institutions and non-profit organizations, which reached a larger segment of society. The latter sponsorships were varied, related to student and youth affairs in Kuwait, with special emphasis on employment of Kuwaiti youth. Based on its vital contribution, Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait was granted the award by the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility.

Mr. Al Baghli, Assistant Manager, Public Relations said “I am proud that Al Ahli Bank won this prestigious award which is a result of the Bank’s continuous support to programs related to corporate accountability.” He added, “The award confirmed that the Bank is well aware of its role in society, and the concept enjoys good support, especially from the Board of Directors and the Executive Management.”

The Arab Organization for Social Responsibility award enjoys a reputation of high reliability among global institutions and societies, especially in view of the fact that the Organization liaises with ministries and official institutions in the Arab World to adopt the international standard of social responsibility, and encourages others to participate in regional conferences with experts specialized in the International Standards Organization (ISO). In 2010, ISO launched a new standard and began issuing the ISO certificate 26000 covering corporate social responsibility. Such conferences aim at assisting all entities in public and private sectors to achieve the best quality of operations management in an environment that takes social responsibility into account.