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ABK announces its program of enhancements to make banking simpler for customers

It’s all about ‘Simpler Banking’

ABK has launched its strategic campaign “Simpler Banking” as part of a series of enhancements to make life easier and simpler for customers, in line with the Bank’s vision of “Reimagining a Simpler Bank”.

Michel Accad, CEO at ABK said: “We want our customers to enjoy a ‘simpler banking experience’. We have worked hard to ensure this is achieved across all touch points in the bank. We have already achieved successes in areas such as new account opening, where one can open an account in minutes with just a couple of signatures. And soon, our customers will be able to open up an account in any of our branch and then walk out minutes later with their debit card in hand.”

“Personal loan application is another area where we’ve identified opportunities for improvement and simplicity, with fast turnaround times and a streamlined documentation process” he added.

ABK is also making it easier for customers to get cash through the expansion of its ATM network. The bank has increased the number of ATMs located outside of branches by 58% in the past 8 months. By the end of 2015 the Bank is planning to double the number of offsite ABK ATMs in Kuwait.

Plans are also underway to further improve and simplify the Bank’s products, services and delivery channels, and customers will experience continued enhancements in their dealings with ABK in the months ahead.

In closing Mr. Accad said: “the Bank looks forward to making its vision of “Reimagining a Simpler Bank” a reality. This vision is further reinforced by ABK’s core values of Transparency, Integrity, Simplicity and Excellence, which will be setting new standards in service quality and customer experience.