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ABK Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Kuwait Occupational Standards, Assessment & Certification Centre (KOSAC)

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) today announced signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kuwait Occupational Standards, Assessment and Certification Centre (KOSAC), an organization which builds and develops occupational standards for all professions and businesses in the Kuwaiti labor market.

Through the agreement, ABK will leverage its experience and resources to support KOSAC related job profiles development and occupational testing through active participation in workshops and seminars.

The aim of these programs is to improve the competencies of the workforce as well as encourage Kuwaiti nationals to work in the private sector. The Bank also gives great importance to the development of human resources and it works closely with well-established firms which share the same goals, helping to build a strong Kuwaiti economy through developing a highly skilled labour force that will increase overall productivity.

Commenting on this event, Dr. Hamoud Al-Mudhaf, the Director General of KOSAC, said: “We are very pleased to see this fruitful cooperation between KOSAC and Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait. This cooperation will have a great effect in providing KOSAC with experts and technicians who are experienced in the banking sector. It will help KOSAC to implement its programs in developing occupational standards and setting the occupational tests for the assessment of well trained, highly skilled and professionally competent labor force. This will increase productivity of the labor market and satisfy its current and future needs”.

Mr. Hamza Enki, the General Manager of ABK - Human Resources Department, praised the role played by KOSAC in building and developing the occupational standards, assessment and Certification of occupational competences required for Kuwait Labor Market. He pointed out that this agreement will contribute to setting the occupational standards and professional competence examinations by holding workshops for job classification and examinations held by KOSAC.

For more information on Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait please contact an ABK representative via ‘Ahli Chat’ or by contacting a customer service agent via ‘Ahlan Ahli’ at 1899899.