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ABK Celebrates Mother’s Day with Staff Members and Customers

March 26th 2016

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) celebrated Mother’s Day with its staff members and customers across the Head Office and all branches on 21 March, 2016, demonstrating its appreciation and support of mother’s and their unwavering dedication and support to their families.

The Bank welcomed its female staff members with a special gift on this occasion. ABK is a strong supporter of working mothers and is keen to show its appreciation for the efforts they exert and the sacrifices they make to create a successful balance between keeping a job and fully supporting their families, while bearing in mind the long hours spent away from their children.

ABK also presented female customers with a fresh rose, as a token of appreciation and recognition on this day.

The Bank strongly believes in sharing the joy and spirit of such occasions with its staff and customers, through simple and heartfelt initiatives.

For more information on Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait please contact ‘Ahlan Ahli’ at 1899899.