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ABK Advocates ‘Card Sense’ in ‘Let’s Be Aware’ Financial Awareness Campaign

24 February 2021

ABK Advocates ‘Card Sense’ in ‘Let’s Be Aware’ Financial Awareness Campaign

In support of the ‘Let’s Be Aware’ campaign recently launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait and Kuwait Banking Association in cooperation with local banks, Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait stresses the importance of best practices for card users.

Ms. Muneerah Al Maraghi, Executive Manager - Retail Banking at ABK commented: “As card transactions continue to grow, driven by higher merchant acceptance, spread of ATM kiosks, POS and an ongoing increase in online usage, linked to excellent rewards and benefits when using credit cards, it is the bank’s responsibility to enlighten clients with advice and guidance to ensure they fully benefit from the services and also understand the importance of security when using their cards.”

Speaking on the importance of security, Ms. Maraghi added: “Customers should never share their card PIN with anyone nor write it down anywhere. The back of the card must be signed to make sure it is accepted by merchants everywhere and this limits fraudulent usage. It is necessary that customers update the bank on their travel plans to avoid interrupted services or deactivation triggered by suspicious activity abroad.

“In addition, customers can avoid extra exchange rate charges by choosing the local currency when using their credit cards while abroad. When using an ATM, confirming that it belongs to an accredited financial institution is crucial, and users should avoid unfamiliar machines and suspicious devices. Clients should immediately alert the bank if they notice any discrepancies and suspicious charges, or if they lose their cards. In order to efficiently do so, they should download the bank’s official mobile app, and activate email and notifications to monitor all transactions, especially when travelling. As a precautionary step, they are encouraged to change their PIN number upon returning from a trip.”

The ‘’Let’s Be Aware’’ campaign is scheduled to run throughout 2021, and will spearhead the dissemination of key information on banking services and practices including filing of complaints, special needs services, fraud management, investments and savings as well as loans and borrowing.

For more information kindly visit eahli.com or contact an ABK customer service agent via ‘Ahlan Ahli’ at 1899899.