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ABK raises awareness of services for special needs customers as part of the ‘Let’s Be Aware’ Campaign

29 September 2021

ABK raises awareness of services for special needs customers as part of the Let’s Be Aware Campaign

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK), continues its efforts in raising awareness on the importance of services for special needs customers, in line with Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) and Kuwait Banking Association’s (KBA) nation-wide awareness campaign, ‘Let’s Be Aware’. This initiative also aligns with the Bank’s commitment to building a financially inclusive community across all segments of society.

ABK provides specialised branches for people with special needs in each governorate of Kuwait with customised facilities designed to meet their specific requirements. Across the branch network, there is at least one wheelchair-accessible ATM and an easily accessible private glass chamber equipped with headphones. The Bank also ensures every branch has reserved parking spaces with wheelchair access, and where necessary, elevators to facilitate easy entry and exit as well as reserve wheelchairs in each branch.

ABK has a number of personnel proficient in sign language as well as the ability to print documents in Braille, to ensure clients with special needs can bank independently. In addition, the Bank has incorporated sign language into all its social media videos for the ‘Let’s Be Aware’ campaign. ABK’s website also features voice guidance services, allowing customers to assess and document their experience independently.

ABK is an ardent supporter of CBK initiatives and campaigns to increase financial awareness and inculcate banking culture amongst all segments of society. The ‘Let’s Be Aware’ campaign adds to Central Bank of Kuwait’s track record of safeguarding financial and economic stability in Kuwait.

For more information, please follow the campaign’s Instagram and Twitter accounts at @dirayakw and visit the campaign’s official website at www.dirayakw.com.