CHEQUE BOOK REQUEST | Terms & Conditions

  1. The Customer's withdrawals from the account shall be made by using the cheques prepared by the Bank and which are delivered to the Customer, or by any other withdrawal document complying with the legal conditions acceptable to the Bank. Also, withdrawals shall be made by the ATM card or any other credit card in accordance with the terms and conditions related thereto.
  2. The Customer is obliged to maintain the cheque books delivered to him and should inform the Bank if he loses the same or any of his cheques; the Customer shall also be solely responsible for all damages which may result from having the cheque book or any of its cheques kept with any of his followers or a third party.
  3. The Bank may refrain from paying any cheques drawn against deposited cheques under collection unless such deposited cheques have been actually collected.
  4. We hereby confirm in case close account by us or by Bank we will deliver unused cheque book to bank.
  5. The client shall declare his absolute and final consent to comply with the instructions of the Central Bank of Kuwait in respect of closing all his cheque accounts and blacklisting his name in the list of clients whose accounts are closed because of returned cheques withdrawn from him or from any person authorized by him to that effect due to insufficient funds, should a maximum of three cheques have been returned within on year due to insufficient funds. Furthermore, he shall declare his prior consent to any other measures that may be taken by the Bank in this regard. The Bank-at its absolute discretion - may open another account for that client without any cheques in replacement of the account which had been closed. The credit facilities, which were previously granted to the closed account shall be debited to the new account, if any. The customer shall bear all legal liabilities resulted from his issue of these checks and shall have no right to hold the Bank responsible for closing his account, blacklisting his name in the above mentioned list or any measures taken by the Bank in this respect.