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Banking Cards


Banking are different types of cards with their own unique features, privileges, facilities and uses. The types of banking cards are:

A) ATM Cards
These cards are also known as “debit cards”. They are associated with the customer's bank account. Therefore, utilization thereof entails a debit on the customer by the value of the amount available in his/her related bank account.

B) Prepaid Cards
Prepaid cards are tied to a front-loaded cash amount, and the customer can use this card to spend up to that amount. By using this type of cards, the customer can control his/her spending and avoid debt. It is recommended not to load a large amount on this card to avoid hacking.

C) Credit Cards:
They are cards that allow customers to buy goods/services online, pay through POSs, and withdraw cash from ATMs inside and outside Kuwait on credit (i.e. a debt on the customer to be repaid in installments).

Tips for using Credit Cards:

  • Never write the password on the card.
  • In case you wish to use the banking card while traveling, request the bank charges and commissions for the card you shall use, as there are additional fees for using the cards abroad.
  • When using your banking card outside the country, the bank may consider the transactions processed through that card as suspicious, and may deactivate the card to protect your account. To avoid this, you should inform the bank before you travel.
  • Avoid using unfamiliar ATMs outside Kuwait, as some machines are used in card scams.
  • Credit cards offer multiple benefits inside Kuwait or abroad such as airport lounge, discounts, etc. Make sure you are aware of these benefits to avail yourself of them.
  • Prepaid cards are convenient for online shopping. However, do not load a large amount on them.

  • For more details, refer to the credit cards guide below

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