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ABK MasterCard Titanium card offers you a world of rewards.

This rewarding product comes with the following benefits


ABK rewards4U:

As an ABK MasterCard Titanium cardholder, you will be enrolled in the ABK Rewards4U program where you will be rewarded with points . For every KD 1 spent on POS/Ecom purchases, you will earn (5 points internationally & 3 points locally). The points can be applied to use cashback rewards on the next purchase. Visit https://loyaltygateway.com/rewards/phoenix/ABK_EN to register and download the mobile application “pay with rewards” to start earning and redeeming.

Lounge access on selected airports:

Complimentary Airport Lounge Access at selected airports where you will be able to enjoy free instant access to premium airport lounges (Only Cardholder) by simply presenting your ABK MasterCard Titanium at the participating lounges to the lounge staff. To view the full list of participating lounges please visit: https://www.mastercard.com.kw/en-kw/consumers/lounge-titanium.html

Tap 'n' Go Contactless Technology:

The Contactless MasterCard technology saves you time on small value purchases by just waving or tapping your ABK MasterCard card in front of a pay Wave reader.

ABK 3D secure:

ABK 3d secure by MasterCard is a free online payment service offered by ABK in partnership with MasterCard for ABK’s MasterCard cardholders. The service offers an added level of security, through a simple checkout process, that confirms your identity when shopping online with your ABK MasterCard. Simply register to activate this service and protect your card against unauthorized transactions, enjoy a secure world of online shopping.

Go digital with ABK!

Now with ABK simply add your Mastercard Credit or prepaid card on your smart device and enjoy seamless and contactless payments anywhere!

  • Samsung Pay: enjoy using your phone as your wallet with ABK Samsung Pay where you can hold your phone over the POS terminal, tap & pay. For more information please click here.
  • Garmin Pay: Pay straight from your Garmin smartwatch. Hold your wrist over the POS terminal to pay. For more information please click here.
  • Fitbit Pay: Pay straight from your Fitbit smartwatch or tracker. Hold and tap your Fitbit smartwatch or tracker over the POS terminal to pay. For more information please click here.

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