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With its leading position in the Kuwaiti banking sector and dominance in contract financing, ABK is ideally placed to meet the financing requirements of large companies engaged in executing high-value infrastructure projects such as construction of roads & bridges, power & oil sector installations, pipeline projects, large housing projects, etc.

The specialized Contract Financing Unit, backed by a well-experienced team of professionals, offers one-stop financial solutions to companies engaged in diversified engineering, civil construction and maintenance contracting businesses.

The facilities offered by the Bank addresses the entire contract financing requirements from tinder guarantees for contract bidding till completion of the project.

Range of services offered includes:

  • Issuance of Guarantees
  • Letters of Credit for procurement/import of materials
  • Short and medium term loans for purchase of equipments/meeting mobilization expenses
  • Overdraft facilities to meet working capital requirements
  • Progress payment financing to meet short-term cash-flow in balances
  • LC refinance to take care of short term financial requirements

Every financial package is specifically structured considering contract cash-flows and loan repayments are linked to progress payments receivable under the contract. Financing is normally against assignment of contract proceeds.

For more details, please contact:

Mr. Tamer Mosaad
Assistant General Manager
Tel: +965-22441147
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