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SMEs Rescue Program

Ahli Bank of Kuwait is pleased to announce the SME’s Rescue Program as per the framework set by Central Bank of Kuwait based on Law no. (2) of 2021 to rescue SME’s negatively-impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.

To apply to this program, all the below parameters must be applicable to the Company/Entity in order to be eligible for funding. Only entities that are operating effectively prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and that are not in default to any bank as of 31/12/2019.

Steps required to complete the application:

  • Fill & Submit all the required forms and documents mentioned under (Forms and Supporting documents) section.
  • Send an email to Abksmeloanprogram@abkuwait.com , and attached all the forms and supporting documents required with PDF format (in case the attachments are too large, send the attachments in several emails).
  • Please ensure that the email body contain the following information:
    • Company name in the subject and the body of the email.
    • Total funding requirements.
    • Purpose of the funding.
    • Contact details of the company officials.

Terms & Conditions

Subject to the terms of the SME definition mentioned in the Executive Regulation of The National Fund for SMEs Development & Law no. (2) of 2021:

  • Sales (up to): KD 1,500,000
  • Assets (up to): KD 500,000
  • Employees (up to): 150
  • Enterprise must be independent and not a subsidiary of another legal entity

For further details on the terms and conditions of the program:

Supporting Documents

  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Memorandum of Amendments.
  • Commercial Registration.
  • Valid Commercial License.
  • Owners Civil ID & Passport.
  • Chambers of Commerce & Industry Certificate.
  • Latest Audited Financials (2 years).
  • If the entity is newly established and has not completed their fiscal year until the date of entry into force of law 2 of 2021, unaudited financials to be submitted for the operating period.
  • Latest Company Prepared Financials (6 months old).
  • Latest Company prepared financials for Emerging Enterprises and Entities that does not issue audited financials.
  • Rental Agreements with proof of regular rent payments for 3-months preceding to March 2021.
  • Staff Salaries Record with proof or regular salary payments for 3-months preceding to March 2021.
  • Statement of contractual liabilities of operational expenses such as salaries, rent, etc.
  • National Manpower statement issued by the authority as of 31/12/2019 and required ratio as on 31/12/2021.
  • Other Supporting Documents.

The above supporting documents are requirements; any missing documents might delay and hinder your application. All documents to be attached with the email.

Downloadable Forms

  • Request letter Form.
  • Corporate Ci-Net Form.
  • Individual Ci-Net Form for all Partners.
  • Personal Networth Statement.
  • Projected Cash Flow Statement.
  • ABK questionnaire.
  • The above forms to be downloaded, filled, signed and send as an attachment to the following email Abksmeloanprogram@abkuwait.com