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Circular: Salary Payments

As mandated by Central Bank of Kuwait, as of 1st of November 2015 the IBAN number usage is made obligatory for all financial instructions (Transfers & Salaries)

Accordingly, ABK will not be able to process any of your local transfers requests that are not IBAN compliant.

Validate IBAN (Kuwait Only)

To check whether an IBAN is correct or not, please enter it here:

* Note: This Validation only shows the correct IBAN syntax and not the existance of the account.

Generate IBAN (ABK Customers Only)

To generate your IBAN number, please enter your account number here:

* Note: This generator is only for ABK Customers and only shows the correct IBAN and not the existance of the account.

IBAN Format

e.g. : KW53ABKK0000000000603999999001

Country Code KW
Check Digits XX
Bank Code ABKK
Leading Zeros 000000000
Account number 06XXXXXXXXXXX

  • The Fixed length of IBAN in the State of Kuwait is 30 characters.
  • The "Country Code" enables recognition of the country in which the IBAN was issued.
  • The "Check Digits" are used to perform the mathematical validation of the IBAN.
  • The "Bank Code" identifies the bank where the account is maintained.
  • The "Basic Account Number" is the existing bank account number proceded by zeros, to achieve the required length for the account number
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