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Global Financial Institutions provides credit facilities to Banks, Sovereigns and Foreign Entities or Local Entities for international transactions, maintains correspondent banking relationships and oversees management of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Branches. The Division focuses on managing a strategic geographical diversification of its credit portfolio and continues year-on-year record performance in terms of portfolio volume growth and profitability. GIF consists of two Business Units, in addition to Dubai and Abu Dhabi Branches:

  1. Financial Institutions & Sovereigns
  2. Multinational Companies and Oil (MNC & Oil)

Financial Institutions & Sovereigns Unit:

The Unit oversees and manages the Bank’s relationships with local and foreign Financial Institutions. It provides credit facilities both Commercial and Treasury to international and local Banks and Sovereign Credits in order to achieve diversification of its portfolio.

The Unit’s responsibilities cover the establishment of Country and Bank lines for conducting Commercial and Treasury Business with worldwide banks. Its commercial activities include bilateral / syndicated loans, risk-participation, LCs, LGs, etc; for more details, please contact:-

Laila Al Nemah
Assistant General Manager
Tel:+965 224 01917
Fax:+965 224 33999 / 106
Email: lailaa@abkuwait.com

Afroz Ahamed
Senior Manager
Tel:+971 4 607 5664
Email: afroz@abkuwait.com