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ABK hosts Recruitment Drive at the Public Authority for Manpower

3 Oct 2022

ABK hosts Recruitment Drive at the Public Authority for Manpower

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) recently organized a recruitment drive at the Public Authority of Manpower. ABK’s Human Resources team and relative representatives from the Bank’s departments were present to engage with job seekers to share insights and guidance on working for the banking sector and ABK in particular.

Public Authority of Manpower is a Kuwaiti governmental organization under the Civil Service Commission specializing in training, finding the right career spots, and encouraging Kuwaiti employees to work in the private sector. Organizing this event underpins the Bank’s commitment to the youth of Kuwait and ensures that facilitating job opportunities within the Bank’s different departments and divisions forms one of its primary duties.

Commenting on the event, Ms. Afrah Al Arbash, Acting General Manager for Human Resources said, “ABK’s recruitment open day at Public Authority of Manpower was a success; our team was able to meet, brief, and guide approximately 100 job seekers. The initiative aligns with our ‘Transformation and Growth’ strategy and confirms that ABK strongly invests in inspiring, guiding, and preparing the future generation for an appropriate career in the banking sector.”

“ABK wishes job seekers the best of luck in their career paths and will always initiate similar events and participate in career fairs to attract the national workforce and enhance capabilities at the Bank.” Ms. Al Arbash.

Earlier this year, ABK participated in the Kuwait University, the American University of the Middle East, and Gulf University of Science and Technology career fairs demonstrating the Bank’s ongoing efforts to nurture younger Kuwaiti skills and spice up the nationwide skill pool throughout the banking business.

In collaboration with Kuwait University, ABK has also organized a recruitment forum to provide students with guidelines on how to draft an appealing resume and share hints and tips on job interviews. The forum witnessed positive participation of up to 100 students who showed interest in the presented material, which they found helpful when job hunting.