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ABK Continues to Educate Customers about the Value of Savings as Part of the ‘Let’s Be Aware’ Campaign

30 Aug 2022

ABK Continues to Educate Customers about the Value of Savings as Part of the ‘Let’s Be Aware’ Campaign

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) continues its support for the nationwide awareness campaign – ‘Let’s Be Aware’, launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) and Kuwait Banking Association (KBA). The campaign aims to raise awareness about customers’ rights and responsibilities regarding banking products and services.

The ‘Let’s Be Aware’ campaign is geared towards educating consumers about the best use of banking products and services. Enhancing customers’ knowledge of the precautions they must take to preserve their funds is a key priority. The campaign also helps users avoid any misuse of banking products and services, breaching their responsibilities, and utilizing banking facilities to manage their savings. ‘Diraya’ also provides tips on cyber safety and security, familiarizing people with special needs with their rights and services, in addition to clarifying the process for raising complaints about banking services and products.

The campaign spotlights banks and their role in providing banking services and highlights clear and specific policies related to the borrowing process; types of bank cards and tips for using them; products and services related to investing and saving; and personal finance. The campaign also aims to increase financial inclusion awareness to stimulate monetary and economic stability.

To enhance future financial security, customers can put their money in any type of savings, allowing them to make a profit at predetermined time intervals. These types of accounts give customers the opportunity to withdraw available funds as needed.

Short and long-term savings programs can also be used to achieve major milestones, including retirement, education, and payment to purchase a house, or get married. These products enable customers to save their money to generate a return on the savings. ABK urges customers to discuss their financial goals with their advisors who can guide them toward the right tools.

Also, through this campaign, ABK was able to educate customers on investment-specific topics, and investment funds, as well as highlight customers’ banking rights, along with many other topics, including raising awareness to avoid fraud and cybercrime targeting customers in many ways.

Mr. Loai Muqames, Chief Executive Officer of ABK – Kuwait said “We are pleased to partner with CBK in this distinguished campaign to encourage the people of Kuwait to add an investment element when managing their finances. Shedding the light on the importance of savings has always been one of our key objectives at ABK that is highly reflected in the services we offer and the products we present to our customers. Through ‘Let’s Be Aware’, we raise awareness about funds, shares, bonds, commodities, and currencies, raising awareness, providing guidance, and helping them form the right decisions and manage their expectations.”

Various authorities and entities, including the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Interior, the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) as well as local banks have participated in the campaign. The campaign recorded great successes for the second consecutive year and reached a broad segment of society.

‘Diraya’ campaign addresses several topics in banking including the borrowing processes, bank cards, cryptocurrency transactions, digital security, services for customers with special needs, and the process of raising official complaints. The campaign also educates the public about the pitfalls of excessive consumption and the importance of saving.

For more information, please follow the campaign’s Instagram and Twitter accounts at @dirayakw and visit the campaign’s official website at www.dirayakw.com.