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The ABK Card Payment Portal is a secure, fast and simple online card management solution for ABK Credit and Prepaid cardholders.

ABK cardholders can now pay their outstanding balance on credit cards, reload funds on their prepaid cards and view their card statements at a one-stop online platform.

The ABK Card Payment Portal allows you to make card payments and reloads by using your ABK debit card or any other KNET debit card issued by a local bank in Kuwait.

Card Payment Portal

All you have to do is to visit eahli.com home page, access the link to the ABK Card Payment Portal and enter the following information:

  • 16-Digit ABK Credit or Prepaid Card Number
  • 4-Digit PIN Number
  • The visual ‘CAPTCHA’ displayed on the web-page

To access the Card Payment Portal and enjoy the ease and convenience of managing your ABK Credit and Prepaid cards, please click here.

To view the Card Paymnet Portal demo, click here
To increase your Banking awareness, please click here.