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ABK SecurePay a safer and more secure online shopping experience

ABK SecurePay is a free and automatic online payment service offered by ABK and powered by Verified by Visa & Mastercard SecureCode.

The service offers an added level of security, through a simple checkout process, that confirms your identity when shopping online with your ABK Credit, Prepaid & Debit card.

To enjoy this service, simply activate your Card by verifying your details and creating a unique Password and protect your card against unauthorized transactions.


How to activate the service:

  • Activation of this service happens during your online shopping at participating online retailers
  • You will be redirected to the ABK SecurePay page automatically, where you will be asked to verify your identity as the cardholder by entering information that will be validated by ABK immediately.
  • If successful you will be asked to set up your account by creating you’re unique Password and setting up the security questions
  • The unique password will be used for all future online shopping using your ABK Card at participating online retailers.

Enjoy password protected online shopping with ABK SecurePay, as once activated, you will be asked to input your unique password prior to payment, further protecting you from unauthorized usage when shopping online.

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