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Introducing one time password 'OTP' new online security feature

KNET is adding a new security layer for any online transaction made via KNET’s payment gateway.

The newly introduced security layer is a 2 Factor Authentication method called One-Time Password (OTP).

KNET Service One Time Password OTP

The OTP method will feature the following:

  • Any online transaction using KNET’s payment gateway below KD 25 will only require Pin authentication.
  • Any online transaction using KNET’s payment gateway equal or above KD 25 will require Pin authentication and One-Time Password (OTP) which will be sent to your mobile number via SMS to your registered mobile number with ABK
  • The OTP code is 6 digit code for one transaction and valid for 4 minutes.
  • In case the OTP expires you need to make a new payment transaction and authenticate it with a new OTP.
  • The OTP is only for KNET’s online payment gateway and not for POS.
  • Ensure to update your mobile number by visiting the nearest ABK branch.

*International numbers cannot be registered for OTP, only local Kuwait mobile providers.

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