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ABK would like to inform you about your basic loan rights.

Basic Loan Rights

It is your right to:

  • Get a period of time to review the loan contract:
    You will be provided with an unsigned copy of the loan contract to review for a minimum of two working days. You will not be subjected to any obligations during the review period.
  • Get a detailed schedule that clarifies the following:
    • the loan amount and number of installments
    • the components of each installment including: the interest rate, the amount paid out of the loan, the total value of the interest rate, and the amount that must be paid until the end of the loan period
  • Request the rearrangement of the conditions of your loan contract:
    Customers may request for the modification of the loan term as well as the value of the monthly installment at any time during the loan period
  • Avail a new loan:
    You can avail the same type of loan (consumer/Housing) provided you have paid 30% of your installments
  • Transfer your loan to another bank, in accordance with applicable terms and conditions

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